Special Activities

Go on a safari, Mountain Climbing, relax on the beach, hike a mountain, ride a camel, discover historical sites

Travel Arrangements

Public transport guides, car and bus hire assist, shuttle services, fly-in air transport arrangements

Private Guide

Qualified tour operators and guides that guarantee to give you the best tour experience ever.

Accomodation Manager

Guides you through numerous hotels, camp sites and lodges that will fit your preferred style and comfort.




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Marine Life

Know why we are the Best

More than 10 years of experience

Going Green Safari Tours have been providing top of class safari tours

Certified Guides and Operators

Going Green Safari Tours is a trained and certified group of guides and operators

Best Safari and Tour Vehicles

Vehicles are customized to enhance the experience of the safari

Tailor Made Tours

Arranged private sunset dinner tables, hot air balloon rides

Accomodation Listing and Reviews

Easy access to Hotels, Camp Sites, Lodges and apartments