Ruaha offers unparalleled opportunities to spot big game like lion, leopard, cheetah, and elephants roaming freely against the dramatic backdrop of rolling hills, baobab trees, and dry riverbeds. Apart from the iconic predators, the park also shelters rare antelopes such as greater kudus and sables that add color to any safari enthusiast’s sightings list.

When joining forces with Going Green Safari, prepare for the ultimate African escape complemented by comfortable accommodations within exclusive lodges and private verandas perfect for viewing the spectacular sunsets. Take advantage of walking safaris led by experienced rangers eager to share their intimate understanding of the Ruaha’s flora and fauna, making each encounter personalized according to guest interests.

Discover why Ruaha has earned its reputation as one of the largest protected areas in East Africa. Experience its majestic beauty through the eyes of Going Green Safari, and create memories sure to last a lifetime.

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