Before embarking on a Going Green Safari tour, here are essential tips and information that will help ensure an enjoyable and rewarding experience:

Physical Preparation: To fully appreciate your safari adventure, make sure to get physically prepared by packing appropriate clothing suitable for outdoor activities.

Wear comfortable shoes or boots designed for rough terrain, lightweight breathable fabrics to beat heat exhaustion caused by equatorial sunshine, adequate headgear to shield yourself from harmful UV rays, long-sleeved shirts and pants to deter insect bites and thorny branches, plus a hat or cap to keep sweat off your face when facing winds generated by 4×4 vehicles cruising at high speeds. Don’t forget water bottles to remain hydrated – especially important when taking walks during hot afternoons after brunch stops.

Mental Preparedness: Being mentally ready also plays a significant role in maximizing your wildlife encounters. Obtaining detailed destination info ahead of your arrival allows you to better understand the natural history behind Tanzanian habitats and animal behavior. Consider reading books about East African fauna, flora, geology, climatology, culture, anthropology, archaeology, ethnobotany, and related disciplines relevant to safari experiences. Researching online resources covering topics such as pastoralist societies like the Maasai and Barabaig.

wildlife creates mental context enhancing overall satisfaction derived from observing animals living naturally rather than in zoos artificially confined.

Also, having basic familiarity with Swahili expressions commonly used in northern Tanzania helps build rapport with locals met en route during daily routines. For example, understanding which carnivores favor ambush hunting versus pursuit hunts versus patient stakeouts allows you to estimate whether moving.

Maasai Tribe

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