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Meet the Maasai Tribe:

The Maasai are a traditionalist society in East Africa, who have lived as pastorals and farmers for thousands of years.

They live among wild animals such as lions and cheetahs all their lives yet never get eaten by them due to their distinctive culture of stick fighting and jumping and their use of spears at night to ward off predators.
They also believe that humans should not kill or harm any other animal unless necessary for survival or protection.

This includes killing lions if they attack livestock without being provoked first; otherwise, they would only drive away lions with sticks like the ones used during stick fights between warriors. Humans are regarded as part of nature equal to animals because both come from God, Enkai.
In conclusion, despite having no modern technology before contact with Europeans beginning last century, the Maasai were able to thrive and protect themselves using cultural practices unique to them which still continue today.

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