Best Operator:

Name: Lenard Romel Mosha

A smiling man posing in front of safari vehicle Land Cruiser 4 Wheel Drive Safari Vehicle. | is a highly experienced guide operator known for his knowledge and enthusiasm for wildlife and culture.

With years of experience working in various national parks and reserves throughout East Africa, he takes pride in creating personalized itineraries tailored to each client’s interests and needs.

Lenard excels at navigating difficult terrain while ensuring guests see everything they came to see, from Big Five game animals to colorful bird species and breathtaking landscapes.

His warm demeanor and attention to detail guarantee a memorable trip filled with wonder, laughter, and fun-making him the ideal companion during your safari.

Topics:Wildlife Viewing | Cultural Immersions | Customization | Guest Experiences

Lenard Born and raised in Tanzania, Lenard brings his passion for Guide and  photography to capture each guest’s unique safari journey with Going Green Safari Tours.

Whether tracking elusive predators or capturing stunning landscapes, Lenard seizes moments to create cherished memories alongside clients.

Join him today in discovering why visitors return home with grins and thousands of photographs commemorating their time together in Africa! #GoinggreenSafariTours |

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