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At Going Green Safari, our commitment is to offer sustainable and responsible wildlife experiences that promote conservation efforts and support local communities. We would be delighted to share with you some of the best aspects of Mikumi National Park and how we can help create memorable moments for our clients.

Customizable Safari Adventures: Our tailored travel packages allow clients to personalize their trip based on their preferences and interests. Whether they want to focus solely on game drives, incorporate walking safaris, or add cultural elements to the journey, we work closely with each guest to design a truly bespoke experience within Mikumi National Park.

Responsible Tourism Practices: All our operations prioritize minimal environmental impact and positive social benefits for neighboring communities. By choosing us, clients contribute to conservation initiatives that protect Mikumi’s exceptional wildlife diversity while supporting nearby villages through employment opportunities and community development projects.

Knowledgeable Local Guides: Our expert guides possess extensive knowledge of Mikumi National Park’s ecosystems, allowing them to lead educational and informative game drives while sharing stories of local cultures and tradings. Their passionate insights enhance client appreciation of the park’s beauty and importance.

Game drive in mikumi park

#Going Green Safaris – A day full of amazing sightings in Mikumi National Park, followed by a relaxed evening enjoying dinner around a campfire under the African sky.

Going Green Safaris we making your experience unforgettable!

Sustainable Accommodation Options: At Going Green Safari, we partner only with lodges and camps that adhere to strict ecotourism practices and engage in community upliftment programs. This ensures our guests receive top-notch hospitality services while contributing positively to the surrounding communities and environments they visit.

Collaboration with Conservation Organizations: Through strategic partnerships with organizations dedicated to preserving Mikumi National Park’s wildlife populations, we actively participate in anti-poaching measures, conservation education programs, and scientific research initiatives focused on protecting the park’s remarkable biological diversity.#Karibu Going Green Safari Tours#

“@Going Green safari each step of the way, exploring the wonders of Mikumi National Park on foot. Looking forward to seeing more incredible sights tomorrow!”

From catching glimpses of big cats to admiring tiny insects up close, every moment spent in Mikumi National Park with #Goinggreensafari .

Feasting on traditional Tanzanian cuisine with my fellow travelers from @goinggreensafaris after an exciting morning game drive through #MikumiNationalPark.#WildlifeLoversUnite

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